Enhancing development through diverse, engaging activities.

At Park Cities Day School, our additional activities include art, music, and outdoor play, enhancing our Montessori-inspired curriculum and providing a well-rounded, engaging experience for your child in a nurturing environment.

Soccer Shots

Day: Monday
Age: 2 years old
Link: www.soccershots.com

Soccer Shots promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and motor skills development in a fun, age-appropriate environment for two-year-olds.

Hola Spanish

Day: Tuesday
Age: 3 years old
Link: www.holaspanishacademy.com

Hola Spanish introduces three-year-olds to a new language and enhances cognitive abilities through interactive activities.

All-Star Gymnastics

Day: Wednesday
Age: 2 years old
Link: sngfitness.com

All-Star Gymnastics helps two-year-olds improve balance, coordination, and flexibility through engaging and age-appropriate physical activities.

All-Star Dance

Day: Thursday
Age: 2 years old
Link: sngfitness.com

All-Star Dance encourages creativity, rhythm, and physical fitness in two-year-olds through structured and enjoyable dance routines.


Day: Friday
Age: 2 years old
Link: sngfitness.com

Music activities foster early musical skills, auditory development, and a love for music in two-year-olds through interactive sessions.

All of these extra activities will have an additional fee, which must be paid directly to the company.

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