We require that families provide a signed authorization, including administration and dosage procedures for each medication to be administered. Non-prescription, over-the-counter medication or topical, nonmedical ointment, repellent, lotion, cream, or powder must be signed by your physician. Over-the-counter medicines must be in their original containers. If a medication is to be given 3x a day, we will only give it one time here; the other two times must be given at home.

PCDS will not administer any medication after its expiration date. Prescription medication must be in its original container with the pharmacist’s label. All medication must be taken home daily to ensure proper family control.

PCDS must have the immunization records for each child on file, with specific dates recorded. These forms are obtained from your physician or local Health Department. All forms must be dated and signed by your physician before the child’s first day of school. Each time your child receives new immunizations, please provide an updated copy to the office.

Employee Vaccine Policy

Park Cities Day School does not require our staff to be vaccinated.

Children who are enrolled in preschool and who are four years of age by September 1° must be screened for possible vision and hearing problems by their Primary Care Physician. Parents must provide a copy of the hearing and vision screening via the PCDS Health Statement Form.

Emergency Medical Care

Upon enrollment, each child must have emergency care information on file. It is the family’s responsibility to keep this information current. In case of a medical emergency, you will be notified immediately to our nearest hospital: