The director takes lots of pictures of the activities in which the children participate in their daily activities. These pictures may be printed and posted in the classroom or sent to parents by email. Pictures may also be used on our Park Cities Day School website page. If parents do not wish for their child to be photographed or to have their pictures posted, we encourage parents to notify both the director and the teacher to ensure the proper documents are completed. We will never use a child’s picture on our website without a written permission form.


A child’s birthday can and should be a special day. Many children choose to bring a special treat to share on their birthday. Please do not bring candy. We serve nutritious, low-sugar, non-additive snacks on a daily basis and feel that an occasional sweet treat on a birthday may be shared.

If you choose to host a birthday party for your child in your home, we can help you prepare a guest list. We always encourage parents to invite all of their child’s class, as giving invitations to some and not others may cause feelings to get hurt.

Parents may participate when we have different functions at the school, including birthday parties, Easter Egg hunts, and trick-or-treating, among other activities. We love our parents and welcome you to participate with us.

Final Statement

Park Cities Day School wants to provide you with the highest quality care for your child/children. We believe that nurturing children in a loving environment is a community need that we do best because we commit ourselves to providing superior childcare and early education services.